Thursday, 27 June 2013


I haven't done a proper one since the end of last year! So here's some catching up to do!

Here are a few from the zoo trips I've been doing fairly regularly. Shout out to my friend Robbet for giving me rides to the zoo, thanks a huge bunch. Seriously.
Panda's are new to the exhibit! They're so adorable!

Memory characters, I try to remember a unique looking individual on my way to school or back home then draw them from memory. The spotted jacket person stood out in a crowded mall.

I started asking people to give me themes on what to draw. So the first one I was given was "mounts". I decided to go all out. None of that tiny armoured horses.


A friend proposed: African children. Never got to show him, hope he sees this. It was fun to research some African fashion!

The above two are drawings from The Sartorialist for some fashion research.

From the mini sketchbook:

Attempt to incorporate Leyendecker's style to something much more...cartoony. 

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