Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Final Drawings From the Year

While cleaning my room I finally took the time to look through the few newsprint pads that I used for the final couple of weeks. Turned out there was a bunch of some pretty neat ones. So here they are:


Not the best, but I love the posture of the pose.



I forgot my pack of conte and only had a graphite stick with me. I had to draw differently and decided to experiment.

Decided to play around with my knowledge of cubism that day.


This was a warm-up for that exquisite corpse assignment we did.

My favourite of this bunch. I also just like how I did the pillow on her back.

I registered for life drawing this summer at Sheridan and hopefully if there's enough people that did, I will be able to do it during the summer every wednesdays. I'm preparing myself as much as I can before September, I just need something to push me into doing so and I think the classes would help big time.

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