Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Happy Birthday Saul Bass!

You're a big inspiration for my design work and I still look at your works constantly for inspiration. I had the idea for this late last night right before I went to bed of the iconic hand from The Man With The Golden Arm opening and poster reaching for a slice of cake.

The Google Doodle today is also a very wonderfully created tribute to the great designer. That little video with simple animations also made me realize that an idea that I've had for quite some time can actually be created with the knowledge of design and graphics animation that I've learned so far. 

I can't guarantee anything final but maybe some test footage by fooling around with things. It may or may not come to fruition (for now) but it will keep me motivated and it will keep me occupied with something to do whenever I'm not busy practicing for animation.

And yes, I'm being as vague as possible so that I won't spoil what I'm attempting to do.


My brother took my camera for his trip to the Philippines so I'm unable to take pictures of larger drawings that I've done until he comes back. I even created a drawing yesterday that I'm so eager to share. I've also been able to get into the groove of creating artwork very easily lately. I must say, I've already created so much these past couple weeks than I did last summer with artwork. The feeling of just creating without requirements is so liberating.

Life drawing tonight! Finally, I've missed it so much.

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