Saturday, 13 April 2013

Sheridan Animation Portfolio 2013

Sorry for the delay, had been busy with school but I finally had time to upload.
First let me get some basic information out of the way because I know people that will assemble their own portfolio will find this and wonder about certain things:
  • How many times did you apply?
    I tried 3 times. I first attended Art Fundamentals then transferred into Visual and Creative Arts, then took the third year for VCA.
  • What was your previous score?
    We don't talk about my first one...But my second attempt got me a 2.18 and this year I got a 3.37.
  • What size was your portfolio?
    I used a big portfolio (18x24) to fit my life drawings, certain personal pieces, and it allowed me to present my smaller pieces in a tidier fashion.
  • Which day did you submit?
    The second day. 

So here's my scoresheet.

And here it is! My animation portfolio! 

3 minute

5 minute

15 minute



Here's Al, Spacemonkey Extraordinaire!

  1. Cubism Drawing 
  2. Hand Sculpture
  3. CD Case Design
  4. Stylized Portrait
  5. A Sketchbook

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