Saturday, 20 April 2013

Wild West

Our independent painting project required us to choose an idea for a series of paintings. My original idea was not met with glee by my instructor during a mid-term meeting to see progress. So rather than continuing a series that my instructor dislikes, I decided to restart and change my idea. 

I went for a series of paintings with western motifs. All of them were done with gouache and watercolour.

This one is my favourite, I spent a day researching rock formations and it was a good practice of atmospheric perspective.

Yes, yes, the border, I know. Watercolour + that tape I used = bad.

Character design! For this one I painted it differently than how I normally would, parts of it I "drew" in which I found myself comfortable in doing. I'll definitely practice this approach more during the summer.This one stood out from the rest though and I had trouble figuring out how to install it with the others.

I liked the drawing better, but there are some parts of the painting that I like better than the drawing.

Obligatory WANTED poster. Yes, those bleeds were intended this time.

Sketch of this outlaw. I asked people, Beard? Moustache? Or none at all? The overall census was none. I also couldn't decide to throw in the name for the painting since some wanted posters had names and others didn't, but that too was "no". But if you're curious, his name is Doc Ringo: wanted for stealing carriages, filling them with dynamite, riding into town, setting it on fire and riding off into the sunset to steal more carriages. 

I didn't really like the painted one of this but still liked my rough drawing of it.

Also here are some thumbnails and other explorations.


My adventure with painting continues onward!

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