Sunday, 25 September 2011

Watercolour Portraits

For both my painting and life drawing class, we had to make self portraits with a twist.

For painting we had to change ourselves. His examples were superhero, rock star, or monster. Having never worked with watercolour apart from last week's demo, I had no clue how to approach the project. I constantly thought, "could I do that with watercolour?" I made one sad attempt by taking more of a drawing approach. I threw that away and just painted while looking at myself in the mirror. This was the result, and I'm very proud of it. It's supposed to be the "rock star" idea, I just gave myself longer hair and making it go down rather than brushed to the side.

(I have no clue why my scanner decided to create a bright rectangular area)

For life drawing we had to create a narrative self portrait. So it had to convey who we were in our drawing. It didn't even have to be a drawing, it could have been a collage, a logo, our name used creatively and more. I attempted this last night and struggled all morning today thinking of how I should draw myself. After working on my watercolour "rock star" portrait, I took a break and doodled this:
I loved it so much. It was simple, and it was me! I struggled for a long time, only to have the final product be a simple caricature of myself. Here is the final product before and after using watercolour, since the requirements were for it to be on 9x12 and watercolour paper was the only paper I had of that size.

I'm starting to like watercolour now, especially for the fact that one dab of the paint is enough to use and when dried, can be used again with the addition of water. 

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