Sunday, 4 September 2011

Killer Queen

Queen is my second favourite band ever (The Beatles being first). So for Freddie Mercury's 65th birthday, I decided to do a quick late night doodle of him. Not so proud of the hands, so you can just ignore those. My excuse? I did this as quickly as possible just like the Leyendecker doodle. Also, I haven't practiced hands for 2 weeks now; I should get back to doing that.

Random Fact: I always listen to Don't Stop Me Now before any big event that I am involved in. Some include: first day/last day of school, before big test, my birthday, a couple of times I had to dance for someone's party so before that I listened to the song. It gets me pumped up and ready for whatever I'm about to face. So you can count on me listening to it on the bus ride to school on tuesday.

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