Saturday, 1 October 2011

For 2D we had to use our name in a creative way to express an idea. So it's pretty much basic typography. It didn't even have to make sense, as long as it conveyed whatever you wrote at the bottom (teacher gave an example of "and I am a deer" by using the letters in her name to create antlers). Here is mine (yes, I found a way to embed my PDFs YAY!) :

My Name is Marco...

We had to use any sans serif typefaces (which I found out last minute, so I rushed to change any serif typefaces I used) and everything else was free to do. We're supposed to put our favourite one on a t-shirt and wear it next week (using a t-shirt design kit from the school), but many people like myself don't have a printer nor were we able to use her printer on a different date due to schedule conflicts.

My favourite one has to be the "and I am clumsy" one. I put a lot of thought into that one, especially the font. I used Futura (I also like futura, hence the header and footer) to convey a sense of structure, only to have the letters fallen. Then it would be the "and I like to run" and "I am adventurous" would be my other two favourites.

Also, my teacher loved my drowning image so much as I was receiving my rubric she kept describing how awesome it was. I got a 97/100 hells yeah.

I will also be posting some sketchbook drawings and life drawings later today.


  1. Marco! Nice!

    That's a cool assignment. I think my fav is the short one. The placement and squished letters are funny. The blend in one is cool too.

    The misplace things one could be funny if you wrote the top line as "My naame is".

  2. Haha thanks.

    And the "naame" is a brilliant idea, I just wish I thought of that before handing it in :(