Wednesday, 21 September 2011

For my 2D class, we had to take images and crop them any way we liked to create an overall design that flows throughout the grid (as well as following the principles/elements of design). At first I was going to do a theme about original sin with images surrounding the outside that depicted the 7 deadly sins. I found that too overly complex and couldn't find great images that I needed. So then I thought a drowning person would be pretty sweet, and I thought going with a simple design would be the best way to convey someone falling(?) to their death. This assignment was unexpectedly irritating, but I am highly satisfied and proud with the finished product. (Although when we were critiquing classmate's own grids, someone noticed I messed up with the cropping on the top left square, there's a black line under the image UGH)

This is the group created one we did before doing our own to get familiar with InDesign and the assignment itself.

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