Saturday, 17 June 2017

I Graduated!

Sorry for the lack of posts that I said I would do, unfortunately something had unexpectedly come up that I'll be writing about soon.

Apart from that, last week on June 6th I had finally graduated from cartoon school! What a long journey it's been since I first attempted to get into the program in 2011 starting with Art Fundies at Sheridan. I can't believe that it's over and I can't believe I managed to get into my dream school since I was a kid and finish it off with a bang with my thesis film! It was a wonderful, life-changing experience and I'm glad to have worked and graduated alongside those in my year. They helped me get through these four years and I wouldn't have managed to do it without them.

Here's just a few pics, I don't want to overcrowd this post:

My brother and I :)

Time to update all my profiles now as a Sheridan Animation graduate!

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