Sunday, 25 June 2017

My Big Sister

This will be more personal than usual but this is important to me. I'll make it brief.

Yesterday I had to say goodbye to my sister, my best friend, my role model, and my inspiration. My older sister Marie had passed away unexpectedly while on vacation in Cuba late May. She was finally laid to rest yesterday.

My sister (who I called Ate [ah-teh]) was the one that inspired me to do art. When I was younger I was extremely jealous of her ability to draw and be creative. I wanted to be like her. She made me interested in art and without her I wouldn't be the creative person I am today. I will always remember the times when we were younger and we would draw short comic strips together. 

I was lucky enough to watch the Family Day screenings of my year's thesis films with just her. I won't ever forget how happy, excited, and proud she was of me achieving my dream of becoming an animator after seeing my film. Her tears of joy meant a lot to me. I feel content knowing she had the opportunity to see what I've accomplished so far and be proud of me.

I'll be doing big things very soon and experiencing it without her will not be the same.

I'll make you even more proud Ate, you just wait.

Rest in peace and say hi to Mama for me.
Thanks for the wonderful memories, love, support, and overall being a great sister.
I will always love you. 


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