Saturday, 20 May 2017

Industry Day + Post Industry Day

It's been 3 weeks since Industry Day and only now does it feel like it's dying down. Let me sum up that day: IT WAS WILD. INSANE. I was super nervous before it but felt prepared, but as it was happening it was unexpected! I wasn't prepared as to what occurred that day and it was probably the highlight of my time in the animation program and one of the greatest days I've ever experienced. The hard work I put getting into the program as well as the hard work that I did during it really paid off, and it felt great that day to be recognized for it. 

Here's some pics and a rundown of what happened that day! I wish I took more but I was super overwhelmed!

Here are some pics of setting up with Sarah Kieley posing in the middle.

 My station and me standing awkwardly next to it!

So after setting up super early (I wanted to make sure nothing went wrong), it was a long wait until industry day reps would come to the floor. Waiting during the time they were watching our films was nerve wracking. You knew they were in the theatre, you knew they judging them, and you knew when it was going to finish. There were some industry reps already making the rounds before the films were even done! I couldn't stop fidgeting around with my business cards and anything that I had in hand.

After panicking for some time with my friends around me one by one industry reps started to swarm onto the floor. After that moment everything was one big blur. One after another an industry person would come to my booth and talk. I received so many compliments on my film and even from people who were in 3D companies or weren't recruiting for an animator. They would just drop by (or in the case of one person slowly inch towards my booth while watching my film on my monitor), and say how much they absolutely loved my film and the animation. Lots of people caught on to what I was going for in the film and it just felt really great to have people appreciate and understand what I was going for with it!

More and more people would come by booth, I had very little downtime during it all. I loved how some were so enthusiastic about my film, expressing so much interest in the film itself and pulling other people they knew towards my booth to check it out again. The recognition was too much and I did not anticipate it at all. It felt absolutely wonderful to have your skills validated by current professionals in the field. 

To any industry people that were there, went by my booth, and are reading this, thank you so much for expressing interest in me. It meant a lot.

After the whole gigantic swarm of industry reps going to people's booths and talking business, then came the awards! And I was lucky enough to receive 2 of them that night! Another thing I did not expect! The first award I received was the Mercury Filmworks: Triple Thread Award for Story, Design, and Best Overall Animation presented by Jerry Popowich of Mercury Filmworks. I took a screenshot of my friend snapchatting it haha:

And the second award I received was the HP People's Choice Award! In which the industry people voted on their favourite film! I had a ton of people coming by my booth saying they loved my film and voted for it but I was amazed when this happened! There were a ton of other amazing films from my year and I was surprised! Nonetheless I am very very grateful of receiving this award and thankful to all those that voted for my film. Again, if any of you are reading this, thank you.

And here's a pic stolen from Ali Kellner of a selfie we took with Jim Caswell! One of the coolest teachers I've ever had!

And that was just DAY 1 of industry day. That night I couldn't sleep, I was floating and walking on air. As happy as I was that night I was nervous about the following day. That night they made a lists for people who were scheduled to have interviews the next day. Usually that interview day is for studios that aren't local to conduct interviews for students at the school. After that reception from industry day, I had a feeling I'd be listed a few times. What I didn't anticipate was that I was scheduled to have 8 interviews that day. From morning to late afternoon all I had were interviews. I think I had only an hour break at one point. It was a lot to take in and it was such a great learning experience. 

Throughout industry day and interview day, I met so many amazing people. Everyone was super nice and super cool! It was such fun to get to speak with so many of them and I managed to make some friends during that day! It was a wonderful one of a kind experience. 4 years culminated into those 2 days and I'd say it was worth it, personally. I can't speak for everyone else but my experience that day was a great success. 

This is a tad personal but putting it on this blog anyway!
After my last interview I literally had animation prom right after! I had a short 1 hour break between my last interview and prom. It was a fun party that some of my peers put together. It was a great night and a wonderful last party I got to spend with the greatest, nicest, and friendliest people I had the opportunity to spend 4 years with. The thing I loved the most about my program was the people in it. My year in particular got along with each other so well, I could jump between friend groups and still feel welcome. I'm glad I got to experience animation with this lovely bunch, I couldn't have asked for a better group of friends.Thanks for the 4 years :)

A quick Kaleidoscope Studios photobooth reunion:

I will be posting details of what I'll be up to within the next few days! Maybe tomorrow? I'll see. But big news so stay tuned! I'll also be posting Dilemma related content soon! I've got tons of artwork I made in pre production to still post! 


  1. Fingers crossed for you! Thank you for putting up your experiences for us to read, you have grown as an artist a LOT these few years, and your dedication to your craft really shows. I think you will end up just where you want to be job wise! Best of luck!

  2. you're welcome for the 4 years