Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Muzzle Sync Animation - In A Box

Probably one of the best animations I've done. It's not as rough, clean enough to clean up, I like the poses, the acting, mouth sync and more. Obviously there are still flaws to it that even I'd like to fix, but I like it a lot.

The dialogue is from Bioshock of the character Peach Wilkins.


This animation is the one that made me understand how to properly animate to dialogue, which was essentially holding a pose and gesturing it to feel alive. That seemed like the hardest part but thinking about how the character would normally act beyond this sequence helped. With the dialogue having a stutter, I figured he was the twitchy type constantly moving a little erratically.
The stutter I had a feeling I would have fun with but was actually difficult. I attempted the animation staggering technique which is animating forward and then mixing up the frames, that didn't get the result I wanted which was an offset slight back and forth movement of the head and arm. I did straightforward instead and managed to get what I wanted.


Some character design sketches. First thing I thought of when I listened to the voice was a sleazy rat, so I went with it. 

These are thumbnails I did on photoshop of the key poses. 

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