Thursday, 7 May 2015

Character Theme Line Up - Sci-fi

I was excited to do this assignment due to having had an idea for it even before first year started. It's a story idea I had since my Sheridan animation portfolio with my character Al, Spacemonkey Extraordinaire. But I told myself I wouldn't redraw Al until I'm in my fourth year. So I had a replacement for the protagonist with another character that I had in mind. 

The entire assignment required us to pick a genre from what was listed and create a line-up of 4 characters from assigned roles. 

There were descriptions on each page about each character and their place in the story but it's an idea that I hold very close and won't be publishing it right now for everyone to see at the moment, I will eventually reveal it in its whole glory as I elaborate on it more. I even have concept art for stuff outside of this assignment. 

Unfortunately I had to get rid of the descriptions in case someone steals the idea but I'll write down a much more brief description of who and what they are below each image. There's also a title for the idea but I got rid of that as well partly due to the whole stealing thing and I want a more robust logo.

So here's my line up for my sci-fi idea!

Bolik is a cosmonaut who finds himself crash-landed on an alien planet and needs to find a way to get back home.

Mags is a mechanic who has a very relaxed personality and prefers to not take things seriously. Bolik comes across Mags in his attempt to fix his ship. Mags and Bolik then discover themselves in an inescapable predicament.

Scraps is Mags' wise-cracking robot assistant and functions as toolbox, lantern, radio, projector and more!

Surge is the CEO of Surge Tech, a consumer electronics company that specializes in more than just business.


I already had an idea for the protagonist and their close friend but I didn't have an idea for comic relief and villain, so for this assignment I analyzed science fiction films, books, tv and video games and wrote down in categories recognizable characters that fell under which role. Some categories had similarities such as the comic relief tends to be a robot (C3PO, M-O, Bender, Wheatley, Claptrap, etc.) so I designed the comic relief as a robot. The villain was up in the air as they could be robotic (AUTO, HAL, GLaDOS, Dr. Nefarious), human/similar to the protagonist (Andrew Ryan, Zachary Comstock [moreso], Charles Muntz, Darth Vader) or something much more monstrous (Aku, Atlas [ADAM infused], Protopet). So making a villain evolved from an idea that I suddenly had and was inspired by Gleeman Vox and Percival Tachyon from the Ratchet and Clank series. 

I wanted to focus on working on this assignment so I put a lot of other things on the wayside. So I'll post my rough work and development as a separate post here.

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