Wednesday, 6 May 2015

3D Animation

I noticed I didn't upload any 3D animations we did last semester. So here's 2 that I like lol. I haven't touched 3D animation since last semester but I'll be practicing it this summer and hopefully getting better! This summer is portfolio, portfolio, portfolio.

Quadruped walk:

I like the beginning and walk but the settling at the end could use more work.


This rig was pretty difficult to work with. I might go back and fix this one and make it better.


Overall I like 3D animation and playing around in it is so much fun. Pretty different in approach to 2D and I'm still trying to figure out a good workflow to it. I enjoy the puppeteering aspect of it and working in a 3D environment is enjoyable. The most difficult part is making sure everything is moving constantly even just by a tiny bit and keeping track of what you're moving. There's probably an easy way to keep track but I'll figure that out soon as I keep toying with 3D. I really want to get better at it!

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