Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Tried out a different style and I ended up enjoying it so much I made two pieces in one day. 

I took some inspiration from My Life as a Teenage Robot, Olly Moss' recent poster designs, and Mary Blair's work. Only after creating my first one did I notice a similarity in style to Samurai Jack...maybe it's because I watched an episode last week. So I also looked at some Samurai Jack backgrounds.

I wanted to play around with very basic shapes, line, and colour and create a setting with a fitting atmosphere.

What started out as a landscape study of mountains quickly evolved into a sci-fi setting with futuristic pyramid structures. I couldn't contain my imagination, it went wild creating these. I even concocted stories behind them as I worked on it.

After finishing the first one I wanted to create another and work in a vertical format and take a more colourful route. This is when I looked at some scenes in Samurai Jack and I noticed several backgrounds had patterns of basic shapes in them (arcs, circles, semi-circles, rounded rectangles, etc.) that either served as texture, something for the viewer's imagination to make sense of, or sometimes for the sake of creating an interesting design and composition. I wanted to incorporate those techniques in creating this piece.

I was thinking of a miniature society with organic-like buildings on the very edge of a pillar. I moved away from a pillar and decided on a cliff instead, it also made much more sense.


I am really enjoying this style since it's so heavily design focused. It's also just so much fun to do!
I am itching to create more! I'll definitely expand to slightly more complex shapes as I go along.

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