Monday, 12 August 2013

Circuit World

I know what you're thinking...
I didn't think of it once as I worked on these. It was only after did I realize the resemblance...but seriously, how can you not make anything with circuit imagery not resemble Tron?! I was actually thinking about the game Transistor by Supergiant Games, art deco (as usual), and of course computers. 

I thought: what if chipsets were structures? A high-tech temple? What about a city?! And then these happened:

I started with this one first of a basic structure, somewhat temple like, trying to see if the imagery I wanted worked out. I chose the green, grey, and white colour scheme to resemble a basic motherboard with some highlights of colour to give it a glow. Then I started working on the city piece below, then I returned to this piece after painstakingly tweaking the city to make these two work together. 

I thought about how a more "modern" civilization would look with the same visual style of the temple one above. So in a sense, the previous one is of something from the past in that world, and this is an entire society built from that. I also decided that a gradual change in height would look far more interesting than an entire composition of similar buildings. It also gives it a sense of scale far better than what I originally planned.


For the lack of a post last week since I told myself I would update weekly this month, I'll be posting more than once (or even twice) this week. So stay tuned dudes and dudettes!* 

*Don't mind's late and I kept tweaking the bottom piece all day.

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