Sunday, 9 October 2011

School and Sketchbook

Digital Media

So for our first project for my Digital Media class was to create an image out of anything using photoshop. So you can create a landscape using vegetables as mountains and such. Most people decided to do an animal because the teacher used it as an example. But they most of them were cheap and did it on top of an existing photo. But their work was still amusing.

I decided to nerd out like usual, so I started referencing an image from Half-Life 2 with a strider. That turned out pretty unusual so I restarted by recreating the Big Daddy from Bioshock (since a friend was currently playing it and it's my second favourite game of all time).

Rather than doing it on top of an existing photo, I just referenced a smaller one; I didn't want to "trace". What's awesome was that my teacher recognized what this was but didn't recognize someone's recreation of the Venus De Milo. And yes, I didn't bother doing the little sister because I got tired of working on it and didn't want to possibly ruin the perspective that took very long to work out.


For painting we were supposed to create a scene from a list of descriptions the teacher gave us, I chose a swampy marsh. I asked him beforehand if I could use marker to outline and he said go ahead. As long as it is primarily watercolour, he doesn't care how you go about creating your artwork. So here's some work in progress pics along with the final.

I was pretty satisfied with it, I got the look I wanted. But it wasn't until I put it up during the critique session that I noticed how flat the ground looked and only vaguely resembled dirty water, with the bottom of the trees implying it. The teacher even pointed it out when it was my turn to talk about the painting. At least I noticed I mistake, which is good. On the plus side, I got compliments for the look of it. One of them said, "it looks like something from animation" and my teacher agreed, after jokingly saying it wasn't a compliment. It also looks pretty as my desktop background, but I prefer my current Skyward Sword background.


So starting a sketchbook means a new first page. I decided to apply my "make the first page pretty so you don't get discouraged/disgusted every time you open your sketchbook" idea again. I'll probably do it for every sketchbook from now on. So you must have wondered what my most favourite game is after reading about my Bioshock picture. It's Portal, so to commemorate the recently released DLC for Portal 2 I decided to draw GLaDOS as my first page. I've had the idea of this doodle for quite some time, I just didn't bother drawing it. At first I drew it in pencil, and it wasn't until today I went over it with marker. It just didn't look right in pencil. And yes, I did reference images from Portal 1 to get stuff accurate like the number of disks and the placement of the personality spheres.

 This isn't an awesome drawing but I thought I'd like to share the story behind it. There were 3 girls sitting outside on the patio of the cafeteria. I was sitting inside facing them, and they just started their lunch so I thought it was a great opportunity to draw them. All of a sudden a wasp flies by them and the only girl in the drawing freaked out and they moved to another table. I was kind of sad since they all were sitting differently from each other.

 Here's a little blast from the past. This is something I drew last October. Random, I know, but I looked at an old sketchbook (my first one in Fundies to be precise) and laughed while flipping through it. I forgot I drew this awesome picture. Enjoy, it's called "Raw".

Also, Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians. I shall draw a hand turkey now.

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  1. Ha! I love the sushi! Very nice painting btw. Portfolio piece perhaps?