Saturday, 10 January 2015

Herbert - Weight Lift Toss Animation

Meet Herbert! 

This was a character design based off of a small thumbnail drawing I created. I was going to post this after designing him but I ended up using him for an animation and waited for that to be done before posting. The week that the animation was due was when things got hectic in the program and it didn't stop. Hence the extremely delayed posts. Also Blogger has a weird tendency to make the whites on these images a weird grey no matter the settings.



There really wasn't enough time to do this assignment. My biggest complaint with this is that we were given one entire month for a wave boat sack animation but two weeks for this. They really should have given us more time for this since it is portfolio worthy.

Rough sketches of Herbert

I wanted his head to resemble a drumstick. Someone else pointed out that it was like an onion, I said, "as long as it resembles food!" Making his design was pretty fun, I asked my brother about a few things regarding a cook's uniform and I learned a few things! I also avoided Ratatouille when designing him. Whenever I make a new character and something similar in theme already exists, I try not to look at until afterwards.

Original thumbnail sketch from the lineup I did at the end of summer.

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