Sunday, 25 January 2015


Most of the caricatures I did for the caricature assignment last semester. I had a lot of fun with these! I made so many portraits and really only had to settle on a few that I liked. I also attempted to try out different styles for some of them. I learned a lot from this assignment.

Made this illustration early on and decided to colour him in.


  1. Awesome work MArco! Your improvements are leaps and bounds, its always fun to see. Wanted to ask, how do you ink those pieces near the top? Digital or traditional? If digital, what's your approach, I love the linework!

    1. Thanks Juli! It's digital, mostly using Shiyoon Kim's Photoshop Ink Brush Set. I'm also hooked on Kyle T Webster's brush set as well. I just do the typical underdrawing (I prefer to use Kyle's "Mr. Natural" brush) and then use Shiyoon's brushes as clean up.