Saturday, 8 March 2014

Hula Hippo

For character design we had to create keyframes for a scene with a character interacting with something.

Here are the roughs that I captured to see if it worked. You can see how rough I drew and how some drawings were ruined by clean up. I really need to get better at clean up.

Here are are scans of a couple poses I liked.

To see how difficult it is for me clean up, behold how I normally draw an animated sequence:

This one was the most difficult because it just captured the gesture and shapes and proportions. I had to figure out the details of the hands, the hoop, the feet.

This one was also pretty rough, but I went back and clarified some parts of it before I went to clean up.

And below is the original page where I came up with the idea along with some hippo studies and early character design ideas.

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