Saturday, 22 December 2012


Unfortunately I am not in the possession of the decent paintings I did for the final batch of 10 small paintings, so here is my outdoor painting and tableau vivant. 

We had to go out and paint en plein air for this one. I started one but it was pretty bad so I redid it at home while referencing what I already had. I really need to get darker with my watercolours for some much needed contrast.

We had to (in groups) set up our own tableau vivant for everyone to paint. It also had to tackle a world issue. My group decided to do it on garbage/pollution/landfills, so we had a well dressed couple having a picnic in a landfill staring beyond the horizon (interpret it any way you wish, I actually don't mind landfills after reading on stuff about recycling just yesterday). I should have taken a photo of the actual set up we had because it was much more interesting. We had covered what they were lying on with newspaper, cardboard and anything you could imagine. We had actual garbage, cat litter, plastic utensils, crumpled plastic bottles and more scattered around the stage.

The other tableau vivants were pretty odd, sometimes difficult to actually see the message. But the one on censorship was a pretty neat and minimal set up. But my paintings for those other 3 tableaus weren't that good, but bits of the censorship one had some pretty neat brush work so I was pretty proud of that.

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