Sunday, 23 December 2012

Misc. Life Drawing

This was when we were drawing with ink. Unfortunately ink doesn't like me (although I have been getting along with it lately), so none of those drawings will be posted. But this was the first one I did in conte on manila paper to nail down the model's pose, angles, shapes, and proportions before diving into  ink.

And now for a bunch of life drawings:




Unfinished but I really like the solution I came up with on her left shoulder. The light was in my face, so she was mostly dark from my perspective except for rim highlights. Her arm leaned towards the light so it was the only bright spot on her body and drawing it as a thin outline didn't look right. So I blocked it in instead with black and create a negative shape and the result turned out better than I expected. 

Played around by making this drawing into basic shapes.


We did pentimento for workshop and class one day. It was really fun to do but really difficult, it was an interesting challenge! This first one was a wonderful set of poses, of course it's Ed. 

Then we did manipulation/distortion for workshop and class (again!). We had to come up with some sort of narrative in our head which helped manipulating the figure.
This first one was in workshop and someone thought it looked like he was dipping his foot in water and it was freezing cold, so we focused on the leg and the expression.

Then we had to think of our own for this one, I thought he looked passed out drunk so I made sure the hunched back was as hunched as it can be.

This was one in class. It was the same pose as the first one in workshop but the other way. This time (our teacher told us not to tell what we thought it looked like since we already gave an idea before) it was a pose being disgusted/repulsed or a "get away from me" pose as he's being asked out. So this time I focused on the shoulders and the downward direction of the head.

Not so serious drawing. The set up was him holding out something like cards and we all had to do our own thing without telling anyone until after. I made it into a tea party.

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