Friday, 16 November 2012

Workshop: Expressions and Caricature


So I've been forgetting to post my drawings from our workshop that we had where we learned how to capture expressions.


This was the first one we did, each pose was 10 minutes each. The subsequent 2 drawings didn't turn out so well.

This was the last one we did. Everyone kept describing it as "sinister" and "it looks like she's about to kill someone". I'm glad my last one turned out well!


This week we did caricatures. I never really took the time to try and learn how to do one, so the day before workshop during extra life I made an attempt: 

I thought the regular drawing looked too feminine so I stopped and decided to give exaggeration a try. Since the model had such a slender figure, I tried to emphasize it. 

Then another drawing didn't go too well, so I tried drawing his face instead. The drawing on the right was a quick attempt at redrawing the pose but I gave up and did the caricature instead, it still looked pretty cool on the page so I left it.

This was the last one we did in workshop. The first couple of tries were not going so well. It was difficult but I pushed myself to get at least one decent caricature during workshop, and it turned out waaaay better than I had hoped.

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  1. Well well well~

    If it isn't an update, I'm so glad to see it~ I am a biiig fan of the caricatures that you did that one day in live drawing. I think you exaggerated all the things that reaaally made that person who he was. But I am also loving the last piece you did in the workshop~ Amazing stuff Mr. Rivera. Looking forward very much so to more~