Thursday, 1 November 2012

Collaborative Painting

For painting this monday we did a collaborative piece. I thought at first that it wouldn't be fun and it didn't really accomplish much but as we got into it, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was. In fact, it was a bit enjoyable.

We started off with a theme which was "Evil" because some people wanted it somewhat related to Hallowe'en. Then there were instructions on the board, 3 of which were more technical oriented (make # [shape], make red line, glaze with blue etc.) while 4 other instructions were more abstract ideas (paint something delicious, forest, blind, disease etc.) that we had to incorporate into the piece while replacing it with another instruction.

It was pretty interesting. The woman's body on the top left started out from "two ovals" and someone painted boobs. Then someone made the body from the word "prisoner" and near the end when we contributed whatever we wanted to the piece, someone added the cutting markers and I added the pink handprints on the boobs.

It definitely was interesting, how some parts evolved like the woman's body, while others remained the same. Making the entire piece balanced for ours was difficult since there was too much white, so they glazed it with orange and we were each told to add some more black to it. It was also fascinating to see how the more that was added, people started to consider the entire composition.

My teacher titled it, "Sinner Dinner" since you can read it both ways. I would like to point out that I sabotaged the S and made it into a D because I thought how silly and easy it was to alter it into a different and unrelated word.

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