Sunday, 23 September 2012

I Missed You Life Drawing

I haven't drawn from a model all summer so I was pretty rusty at first. Anyway here are my first projects for my life drawing class:

Portrait #1 Planar Study
For homework we had to do a planar self portrait of ourselves with a bit of chiaroscuro. I tweaked it a bit at school before handing it in, mostly darkening areas where it should be dark and the forehead area along with my left eye socket. I like how it turned out!

For some reference we were given a mannequin to do a study of during class before working on our self portrait. This turned out way better than I expected.

 We did robot guy again this year. Last year's didn't turn out so nicely. So this was my first attempt, but my teacher told me that I clearly understood the shapes and I should make it more complex.

So, voila! Definitely waaaay better than last year's and my first attempt.

Now onto EXTRA LIFE stuff!

I'll go from short to slightly longer, since the models seem to be doing so many short poses (I'm talking about 30 one minute poses at one point).

I did pages full of gestures because I didn't want to waste a lot of paper on the very many 30 second poses:

I like how the legs turned out on this...that's about it.

1 minutes: 

I think this was 3 minutes and the other two are 5's:

For my life drawing class we have a workshop for further practice in life drawing. We practiced chiaroscuro drawings since we have to submit one this coming week. Here's how mine turned out during the workshop:

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  1. Whoa, love that last 3 minute back pose and the first 5 minute sitting lady. The body weight distribution looks super! See ya next week. Let's practice different styles of life drawing!