Friday, 28 September 2012

Gestures Marathon

Thursday is my Life Drawing day. Workshop + Life Drawing + Extra Life = 8 1/2 hours of life drawing. So I was definitely tired by the time Extra Life came by and I got pretty sloppy.

But this past thursday was focused on gestures. For workshop we asked if we can practice gesture drawings, so the few of us there got some pretty decent 1 on 1 time with the instructor. Then for life drawing class we also did gestures the entire time. I can actually see improvement in my gestures this week than what I was drawing last week, Ed is my lucky charm.


These are 2 minutes with the poses very similar to each other. It was so that we can see what we missed in our previous drawing and attempt to get more information in the next drawing. The exercise really helped with these two.

A quick head gesture because I need to get better at drawing heads proportionate to the rest of the body. I tend to either leave them out (because I couldn't get to them) or they end up being too small or big.

1 Minute:

2 Minute:

I'm kind of angry that I drew this one too much to the right, resulting in his left foot being cut off.

3 Minute:

For this one, the pose was finished and we had to draw the missing features from memory.

I had to post this one up during class, I was nervous because she numbered us and it was my turn to put up something after a set of 3 poses.

10 Minute:

...I think. One of them is definitely 10, I just forgot the other.

I'm only posting this one because my friend seems to like it. Her elbow did get cut off on the paper unfortunately.

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