Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Team Fortress 2 Posters

So the new TF2 update is today and I thought that I might as well finish a project I started on a week or two ago when I finally got my hands on the Futura Bold font. I wanted to play around with it since I've been looking all over for it, I ended up making this while fooling around:

It's based on a map from TF2 with the iconic RED team's base. It was actually a bit more detailed, but I pushed the simplicity as far as I could go. Following KISS to the extreme definitely made this design stronger. Since I did a RED poster, I thought it was only fitting to do a BLU poster and then decided to make a series out of it because it was fun to do...

Since the payload gamemode centers around BLU pushing a bomb cart to RED's base, it was only appropriate for a BLU poster to be a payload map. I was going to do the map Gold Rush, but the word "Hoodoo" looked much more interesting and hoodoos make some interesting silhouettes. This was the second one I started but the last one I finished due to many changes in the hoodoos and payload cart and attempting to add depth through silhouettes. 

I thought the colour grey was appropriate for Sawmill: the map is raining, it's king of the hill so teams fight for one point, and the annoying two saw blades in the map are obviously grey. I originally made it look like one blade was in the foreground and the other in the background but it looked too chaotic so I simplified it and centered everything since the contested point is at the centre of the map.

Doomsday is a map that involves the teams fighting over a briefcase full of "Australium", a fictional gold like substance so I thought yellow would be appropriate. Along with the rocket having a yellow cap and highlights and it being commandeered by a monkey astronaut named Poopy Joe (the space program's logo is also of a banana).

Wow, TF2 sounds extremely ridiculous when explaining it...

Anyway I might continue this series later on since I do still have some ideas and the big update is supposed to hit today so I may get even more awesome ideas.

Well time to wait for the update, I can't wait to kill an army of robots.


  1. Wow! I actually really love these posters!!!! Sawmill and Doomsday are my favourite. If you make a series, you could probably even sell them I bet. Looking forward to seeing more! :D

    1. Thanks! I was considering of prints, but not so sure about the entire process of doing so (getting Valve's permission, prints themselves, distribution etc). I've got some ideas for payload race maps and after playing MvM, Mann Works or Decoy seem to be the most interesting visually, so I might do something with those.