Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Business Card

 My friend let me design her business card for some work (Yay! Work!). She does audio related work and wanted a couple of things: the colour red, gold, and sound waves. With her permission and altered contact info, these are the final designs:

The front design.

The back.

I went through a ton of designs and changes along the way with the help of my friend.

This is the first one I made. I did experiment with sound waves, and I struggled to find a good design with them. I decided to go with the audio bars (sorry, the proper name for those escape me at the moment).
I was not satisfied with this one because you couldn't really tell what exactly it was. It looks like cigarettes and I slowly disliked the colour the more I looked at it.

I came across one photo of the audio bars with a red background and yellow lights. It was the colours of what she wanted and it looked more interesting. 
This one was right before the final design. My friend wanted to make the background darker and add a gradient with the yellow lights to this design, which ended up being the final result.

At one point we tried gray...

Back WIP:
I made several designs for the contact info after we settled for the front design. She ended up choosing the first one I made right after finishing the front. But I made a couple as I went along:

 This was for that first design. Helvetica because I couldn't find a decent font to work with what I had.

For the first design as well. This one is a terrible mess with the colours.

These were after the front design was chosen. The bars on the right were there if she wanted, there was a choice in removing it. I didn't like them and my friend also ended up disliking them so we removed them.

 I thought the all caps from the previous one was difficult to read. So I decided to just capitalize the last name only and change the font to something less monotonous. 

And example without the ugly bars. Also fixed the kerning a bit, especially between the letter F and A.

Of course she ended up liking the first one I made right after the front was done. I had a lot of difficulty with the back, trying to somehow connect the front and back together with colour and design (hence why there was optional bars on the right). Even with my abundant collection of business cards, I still find it difficult to design one.

Now time to finish my business card that I've been working on for a while...

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