Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Digital Painting studies

Since I suck at painting and I need to get used to my tablet more, I thought I should do some painting/colour/lighting studies.

A cave picture that I had lying around for a while, I liked the colours in it too. I really like how the foreground turned out.

I've been taking screenshots from a couple of videogames in a photographer's POV and using them as a starting point. I did this one this morning, it's an area from Portal 2, I absolutely love the lighting in that game and the old Aperture sections. 

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    This is absolutely fantastic!! Seriously~ I have loved what you've done by this and I am sooo happy i bugged you enough to post it~ You're doing great practice and I am so happy....aaaaand a little jelly~ But we will defs make it this year for 2013 right? I Believe in you!!!