Sunday, 6 November 2011

Digital Media

The biggest project to hand in this past week was an interpretive self-portrait created on photoshop for Digital Media.

We took photos of ourselves any way we wanted and we had to photoshop it into an image that told something about ourselves. Here's my original photo:

The requirements were only to mask it and photoshop at least 3 different things. Me being bored and wanted to go over-the-top with this assignment created this:

It was very difficult to find a good background that allowed me to place my cut-at-the-waist image, yeah the worst place to cut a person off in a picture. This project was actually difficult to do, finding resources were a lot harder than I thought. Not to mention the disturbing images I had to get past when searching terms such as "headshot", "blood spray", and "shot soldier". 
My portrait is is supposed to convey my love of videogames. I never though my Team Fortress 2 screenshots would have came in handy for the combat log. Other videogame related assets are the medic call bubble also from TF2, Nintendo light gun I'm holding, the headshot blood splatter is from a Fallout 3 V.A.T.S screenshot and the nametags are reminiscent of WoW's nametags. I also threw in my "internet persona" name "Bluko" in there as an easter egg for the guy being shot.

Life Drawing

We handed in 3 drawings this week, but I do not have photos of those. When I get them back (probably tomorrow) I shall post them. It was an awesome activity, so I enjoyed doing that project. Here are some extra life stuff.

I really like the face for this one. The proportions are slightly off, but I like how I got the slight twist in her body.

This is an example of one of the things we had to hand in. Using a darker colour we had to create a blocked out version of the figure, then draw in the rest very quickly. I absolutely love this kind of gesture, and this one turned out very well. Unfortunately I didn't hand this one in because I thought the teacher would prefer a picture with a face instead. I had a ton done like this, and it was very hard to choose two to hand in.

Some gestures that I like.

1 minute drawings that turned out well. I absolutely love the bottom three on the above photo.

I like how this has an unfinished look to it.

I'm pretty sure this was near the end of extra life so I started to get tired and only draw parts of the body. This one turned out pretty good.


Doodled a bit yesterday and I created this awesome face that I'm very proud of so I thought I'd share. 

This view needs a little tweaking, the eyebrow needs to be a little lower but overall I like it. Character perhaps? We'll see, I've been making faces since the beginning of October and 3 turned out pretty well, this one being an altered version of the second one.

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  1. just thought i'd stop by and see what you're up to've really improved a lot and you can see it in your work! So proud of you and keep working hard! :D