Monday, 20 November 2017

Home For The Holidays

Ever since joining Titmouse I've had the wonderful opportunity to join the Home team!

Here's a Christmas special that I had the chance to work on! First scene after the establishing shot is mine. So cool to see it together! That's one off the animation bucket list: Work on a Christmas special.

Working on Home has been super cool and I appreciated it a lot to be put specifically on this show for my talents due to how cartoony it is! We can really put a lot of fun into the acting and have the freedom to push the poses as far as we can. Really glad to be on a show that doesn't rely on the storyboards entirely and gives the animators actual freedom to act beyond what is provided to us. I've learned a lot since being on the show and I am very grateful to be on it. Look forward to the Christmas special this December 1st on Netflix!

*** UPDATE ***


Here's a fun sequence of Ben Schwartz rapping about Hanukkah with a bunch of scenes I got to do! From 2:16 - 2:25 are a chunk that are mine as well as the scenes where he's fat at the end 2:52 - 2:59. I also have a couple of short scenes sprinkled throughout the sequence. It was fun to do! I still have to try out latkes...

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