Sunday, 21 December 2014

A Wondering Minstrel


Ever since starting production on it during winter break 2013 last year, this film went through a bit of a hiatus with work being done on and off. This summer we put our all into finishing it, we even submitted to some festivals because why not? The film was pretty much complete after the summer except for one scene needing clean up and a few mistakes that needed to be fixed. Then the premiere for the summer 24 Hour Films was delayed and then it was finally shown! HURRAH!

What a long strange trip it's been.

It's weird thinking that it's almost a year since this was created, and the small animation I did at the beginning with the first musician makes me wish I could redo it since I have become way better since then.



Studio Mongoose Team:

Concept Art

Title Design:

I decided to go overboard with this title design. I wanted it to look like those old fairy tale Disney logos with the occasional metallic-gold look, so I looked at the recent version of the Sleeping Beauty logo as my main source of inspiration.

Disney's Sleeping Beauty logo

I looked for a font that looked like it came out of old medieval pages. Unfortunately the letter "A" didn't look nice, so I cheated and it is a combination of the letter "O" and "N". And here's the process of designing the logo.

Original black and white logo.

Digital painting process.

Final title design.

Final title card.

The House Boyd Flag design by me.

Character designs by Kathleen Martin:

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