Sunday, 31 August 2014

Art of Marco Rivera on Instagram & Twitter!

I have finally entered the 21st century with one of those gadget things kids these days call, "smartphones". Now you can all stop badgering me to upgrade and teasing me as though I was still living in 2009 with my sliding phone with a qwerty keypad (which by the way I still prefer over a touch keypad with haptic feedback).

So just like everyone else in the modern world I've decided to up my hipster cred with Instagram and take my extremist vocal opinions onto Twitter.


(unfortunately my usual "artofmarcorivera" is one letter too long for twitter)

Just like with my Tumblr, these will be more casual with Blogspot still being main site with large text posts and pictures that delve into the process. Instagram/Twitter will also be acting more like a visual diary of sorts throughout my school year.

Links will remain in the sidebar, now go follow me as I figure out how to use them!

No posts on them right now but...
I will be making a new post this afternoon, so come back later!

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