Friday, 11 April 2014

Mac - Character Design Package

For our final character design assignment we had to design a character and create 8 poses and 8 expressions, I had a fun time designing and creating the personality for this character. I was even laughing while drawing some of the poses, especially for the one where he's pretending to be an airplane while spitting. 

For the final assignment I noticed a pattern in my previous characters and tried to avoid 2 things: cute and fat. I only managed to avoid fat. I originally had an insane coyote/fox  character that was heavily simplistic in style who had a companion bird named Mac. After several attempts to make an insane, ugly, and mangy coyote and only be told again by a few people (without knowing what I was trying to avoid) that it was "cute", I gave up on it.

I embraced the cuteness of my character designs instead. I ended up scribbling a bird and liked the shape a lot and decided to transform my original Mac character design into this final one. I made sure he was cross eyed as often as possible.

I think the clean up could have been better but the lack of time required me to work with what I had. I also wanted to colour him, I'll probably do it when school's over. Eek, just typing that out felt weird. I don't want this school year to end, even though I'm desperate for a break.

Anyway meet Mac!

Rough work!

The drawing at the top is the first drawing of Mac. I drew it after making a cylinder shape connected to half a circle and then made something out of it. I ended up liking the shapes and silhouette. Also bonus drawing of Lucas "Maffixville" eating soup in the bottom right by Sarah Kieley

Here you can see a remnant of the coyote character design I had in mind..

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