Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Lil' Benny

First character design for the semester! We already had to design a character in class and stick with it. It was pretty scary but surprisingly I was able to rotate it fully in-class while my portfolio character took me months of redesigning and repositioning.

So here's Lil' Benny, a boy in a onesie pyjama:

Here are drawings of Lil' Benny's structure. I mostly concentrated on the structure and making it as simple and have an interesting silhouette, which was mostly on his head and legs. I thought it would be interesting to see process work, you never really get to see much of it. Or if you do, it tends to be good looking "final" roughs.

Here's a sketch we had to do as a segue into our next character design project: posing. We took our character we did and put it into this specific pose for some practice and fun. I just really liked how alive he became in this doodle.

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