Thursday, 7 February 2013

Wood Sculpture - "Bronco"

(Finally got photos of the entire piece!)

So for my final sculpture last semester, we had to create something out of wood. The first thing I thought of was "Art Deco styled oversized chess piece as a staff head". So what did I end up making? An Art Deco styled staff with an oversized chess piece as a staff head.

This was the first time I was working with wood so I had no clue what I was doing. At all. I kept asking my teacher, woodshop teacher, and friend (Thanks Jesse!) throughout every step of the way, making sure I wasn't going to mess up.

So here's the staff head chess piece with the original drawings and final:

I was aware that I would lose the detail I wanted but I still enjoy the sketches I made.

Here's the staff in full glory:

+12 Agility

I wasn't sure I would have time to create the handle and already prepared a backup installation of just the chess piece but several people pushed me into doing the staff, and I'm glad they did. I'm also thinking of painting it in black, there were suggestions of certain kinds of paints to use but nothing for sure yet. For my first time working with wood and its related variety of tools, I think it was a success. Especially that I have all my fingers still intact. 

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